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Virtual IT Manager

Virtual IT Manager

Let us do the hard work! Like the idea of someone managing your IT infrastructure but don’t have the capacity for a full-time member of staff in the office?

Don’t worry; we can do the hard work remotely via our Virtual IT Manager service.

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Product Description

If you prefer a completely “hands off” relationship with your infrastructure, you’ll love our Virtual IT Manager offering that allows you to benefit from our decades of experience on an as-needed basis.

For most small to medium sized organizations, hiring a full time IT Manager can be cost-prohibitive and often overkill.

Providing a flexible, cost-effective alternative to recruiting in-house IT management, our Virtual IT Manager is designed to provide the expertise and support you require. For a budgeted monthly fee, our experienced consultants can be your “go-to guy” for everything IT.

Your VIM will assist with:

  • IT Policy
  • Budgets
  • IT Roadmap
  • Project Planning
  • Third party suppliers and procurement
  • On-site support

This is a totally bespoke service that can be tailored to meet your organization’s requirements.