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Server Virtualization

Server Virtualisation

Achieve more with less. Raven offer server virtualization and shared storage solutions that put your organization in an ideal position for future growth and the ultimate in resiliency.

Product Description

Thanks to our server virtualisation service, that’s entirely possible. Achieve more with less by putting your firm in an ideal position for future growth and optimum resiliency.

Virtualization has given us unprecedented flexibility and allows us to get the most out of server hardware. It has paved the way to the new era of cloud computing, and has undoubtedly changed the world of business. It helps prevent hardware sprawl which can lead to unnecessary complexity as well as increased costs. Virtualization also helps you reduce hardware requirements and operating costs by over 50%.
Using software such as Microsoft’s Hyper-V, you can essentially split one server into many servers, and allocate the appropriate amount of resources to each “virtual” machine at will. This type of setup has proven to be highly scalable, upgradable, and exceptionally cost effective. The very nature of virtualization means that infrastructure resiliency and availability can be painlessly increased.

We’ll get the very best out of your server hardware and help reduce your operating costs by over 50%. Utilising Microsoft’s Hyper-V software, you can split one server into many – and by allocating resources to each ‘virtual’ machine, you’ll cut your business’s costs and claw back some much-needed time.